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Recently, Boston Dynamics decided to introduce robotics dance. The VP of the Boston Dynamics stated that their robot named Atlas has learned dance moves from the professional dancers. Experts speaking on this move by Boston Dynamics stated that this move is already breaking the internet. qa aaron boston dynamicsackerman ieeespectrum.

Moreover, Boston Dynamics has posted a unique video that shows their robot dancing and winning the hearts of millions. Based on the input of the VP, the video was recorded by one of his colleagues. After the video was posted, many brands leveraged it to make memes. Moreover, the brands also used this video to create content and promote their goods. qa aaron saunders boston ieeespectrum.

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The VP added that after the video got viral, Boston Dynamics has received plenty of emails. The VP added that Atlas was able to showcase its moves because of the combination of new tech and old-school music. The VP of Boston Dynamics was asked about the role of Atlas for humans. He stated that Atlas will create and break records. On a further note, he stated that Boston Dynamics is here to make technology easily accessible to all people. qa vp boston ieeespectrum.