How to Slice in Cricut Design Space?

Slicing is a powerful feature in Cricut Design Space that allows you to create intricate designs and precisely manipulate shapes. Understanding how to use the Slice tool effectively can significantly enhance your crafting experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide to mastering slicing in Cricut Design Space

Understanding the Slice Tool

The Slice tool operates akin to a cookie cutter, enabling you to cut shapes and texts precisely. By visualising it as a digital cookie cutter, you can effortlessly grasp the mechanics of this essential Cricut feature.

When to Utilize the Slice Tool

When to Utilize the Slice Tool
  • Creating a Hole or Removing Text from an Object. The Slice tool effectively removes text or shapes from other objects. Allowing you to create intricate designs and carve out unique patterns effortlessly.
  • Generating New Shapes: Slice facilitates the creation of novel shapes by combining existing elements. Making it a go-to tool for crafting bespoke designs.
  • Cropping Items or Eliminating Unwanted Parts: Utilize the Slice function to crop images and remove unwanted sections. Providing greater creative control and flexibility.
  • Dividing an Object into Multiple Pieces: If you need to separate different components within an image. The Slice tool allows you to split an item into distinct layers, simplifying your design process.

Essential Points to Remember About Slice

Essential Points to Remember About Slice
  • Slice requires two overlapping layers to function, and it cannot operate on individual layers.
  • The tool exclusively works on two layers simultaneously and becomes inactive if more than two layers selected.
  • Texts can be sliced effectively, enabling intricate text-based designs and modifications.
  • Locating the Slice Tool


In the desktop version of Cricut Design Space, you can find the Slice tool at the bottom of the layers panel, located in the lower right corner of your canvas.


On iOS devices, access the Slice tool through the actions menu, accessible by tapping the corresponding button at the bottom of your screen.


  • For Android users, the Slice option is available within the actions menu, accessed by tapping the designated button on the screen.
  • Troubleshooting Slice – Overcoming Grayed-Out Options

If the Slice tool appears greyed out and inaccessible, the selected layers do not meet the tool’s requirements. This typically occurs when more than two layers are determined simultaneously. Ensure you choose only two overlapping layers for the Slice function to work correctly.

Using Slice – A Step-by-Step Guide

For a more in-depth tutorial on utilising the Slice tool effectively, refer to our comprehensive YouTube video guide, which illustrates various slicing techniques and applications.

Example of Slicing in Design Space

Follow along with our step-by-step example of using the Slice tool to create intricate designs, remove text from shapes, and effectively crop images, enhancing your crafting capabilities and unleashing your creativity with Cricut Design Space.

Mastering slicing in Cricut Design Space allows you to unlock a world of creativity and precision, empowering you to craft intricate designs and personalise your projects with unparalleled finesse and originality.

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Can I use the Slice tool on individual layers in Cricut Design Space?

No, the Slice tool requires two overlapping layers to function effectively. Individual layers cannot be sliced independently.

What should I do if the Slice tool is greyed out and unavailable in Design Space?

If the Slice tool appears inactive, ensure that you have only two layers selected for slicing. If more than two layers are selected, the tool will not be accessible.

Can I use the Slice tool to create intricate text-based designs in Cricut Design Space?

Yes, the Slice tool is versatile and allows you to craft intricate designs involving text elements, enabling precise modifications and customisation.

How can I utilise the Slice tool to divide an object into multiple pieces effectively?

To separate different components within an image, select the desired layers and utilise the Slice tool to split the object into distinct parts, facilitating easy customisation and design flexibility.

Is it possible to revert or undo a Slice operation in Cricut Design Space?

Unfortunately, once you perform a Slice operation, it is irreversible. It’s advisable to duplicate the original design before slicing to preserve the initial image and ensure you can revert if necessary.


Mastering the Slice tool in Cricut Design Space opens up a world of creative possibilities, enabling users to craft intricate designs, manipulate shapes, and customise their projects with unparalleled precision. By understanding the fundamentals of slicing and its diverse applications, you can unleash your creativity and create personalised, one-of-a-kind designs that reflect your unique style and vision. The Slice tool serves as a powerful asset for crafting enthusiasts, providing the means to crop, divide, and customise images and texts with ease. Embrace the versatility of the Slice tool and explore the endless opportunities it presents for elevating your crafting experience and bringing your creative ideas to life with Cricut Design Space.